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Are you looking for fun, fame, and adventure? You're at the right place. Even if you're not looking for a job, read on. You might find your dream job!

ATI Networks is currently hiring for positions in all corners of the company; from producers to marketers and salespeople. No matter what the position, though, our favorite applicants are:

Specific job descriptions and application instructions follow.

Current Positions Available:

Outside Sales:
(Positions available in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area)
Work closely with buyers, sales managers, and advertisers in your area to support sales and promotions for all ATI Networks media properties. These positions require previous advertising sales experience, excellent telephone prospecting and communication skills, a passion for extraordinary customer service and a working knowledge of MS Excel, MSWord, online services, and the media advertising business. We are looking for detail-oriented team players that enjoy the fast pace and challenges of a dynamic sales environment. BS or equivalent degree required.

Project Manager/Business Development: You will provide internal support and technical coordination of ATI Networks suppliers and distribution partners. Involves developing and managing the logistics and expectations of media projects and ad campaigns for the company. Requires a BS degree or equivalent and 3 to 5 years of business development and project management experience in the media or advertising industry.

Account Exec/Producer

If you're interested in marketing and communications, this job is for you! The Account Executive manages all facets of the company's media campaigns: beginning with setting and achieving the company's ad campaign goals, creating ad media content, meeting production deadlines, and negotiating media buys.

The most important requirements for this position are excellent organizational and writing skills. Also important are good interpersonal and telephone skills, the ability to reliably meet deadlines, and as always, the desire to constantly improve peformance. Not to mention juggling tennis balls and donuts while playing the ukelele. Internet experience is helpful but not required.

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