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From its inception over 20 years ago, ATI Networks has been a visionary software company. That overriding theme continues to the present day with its recent investment in Prelude artificial intelligence software. We recently released our AI for both Google Android and iPhone mobile devices and hope you will join us as a customer very soon. More news coming this summer in the exciting journey that lies ahead!

In 2017 the company acquired innovative artificial intelligence (Prelude) technology developed by Lennart Lopin over the previous decade.

Previously Prelude has won the prestigious Chatterbox Contest in the category of best Self-Learning Chatbot. A self learning, or teachable, chatbot can learn and develop without any pre-fabricated knowledge, much like a child that learns from adults with whom it communicates.

Artificial intelligence has been applied in a wide range of fields to perform specific tasks, including chatbots, medical diagnosis, electronic trading, robot control, and remote sensing. AI has been used to develop and advance numerous fields and industries, including finance, healthcare, education, transportation, video games and more. Currently the company is focused on expanding the use of its AI to the millions of customers who own the Google Home, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. The company is exploring future use of its AI with other personal entertainment robotic appliances currently available on the market.

Historic Highlights

The company was originally founded as a software development company. In 1995, the Company's first GPS based navigation software product, AutoNav, was selected by Automotive Engineering Magazine readers as one of the Top 50 Products of the Year. In 1996, with its LogiTrak software, ATI became the first company in the world to provide wireless communications and tracking of a GPS enhanced wireless device over the Internet.

In 1997, ATI expanded into consumer internet applications by completing the development of two auction websites, the first being and the second being, the first fully automated, online art auction on the Internet. Shortly after entering the new millenium, the company sold all rights to its GPS software products and online auction sites. Since then, we have focused on acquiring innovative software assets that we believe will bring substantial shareholder value over the coming decade.

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  • ATI Founded / Chinook checkers program becomes first to win human championship
  • AutoNav selected by Automotive Engineering Magazine as one of Top 50 Products of the Year
  • IBM Deep Blue defeats world chess champion Garry Kasparov
  • Cynthia Breazeal creates Kismet social robot to show emotions
  • Lennart Lopin creates prototype Prelude chatbot
  • Prelude wins prestigious Chatterbox contest.
  • Apple buys Siri from Dag Kittlaus for $200 million
  • IBM's Watson AI wins Jeopardy Championship & Google starts Google Brain project
  • Amazon releases Echo and Microsoft releases Skype Translator
  • Cepheus Poker Project plays perfect game of poker
  • Amazon releases Echo Dot and Google releases Google Home
  • ATI acquired Prelude AI technology and launches mobile versions for Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices.

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